building should promote social and ecological health and well-being


Our goal is to improve and enhance the way homes are built.  In our view, the act of building should promote social and ecological health and well-being while creating structures that perform well in all weather conditions and are comfortable, beautiful and long-lasting.

We believe there is a real benefit in providing a design process that does not define success solely by whether a project is built well, on time and on budget.  Intrinsic values, such as environmental and social responsibility, are critical to our definition of success.  Together with our clients, we sculpt, define and redefine these often subjective priorities.  By considering more than the building itself, we can provide an added value that will help change the antiquated construction paradigm that only considers the bottom line.

Timbo Scursso

teacher | designer | craftsman

Timbo embodies the spirit of the Master Builder of pre-modern times. Rooted as a practical designer and an accomplished builder, his simple designs and finely-crafted details exemplify what is achievable in straw bale construction. He is excited to share his lifelong construction experience and the wisdom of twenty years of specific straw bale design/build knowledge with a larger community.