straw bale design and building


Straw Bale Home Designs provides comprehensive straw bale design services for your new straw bale home. 

We offer an integrative design approach by designing specifically for the construction method being used.  This allows us to reach our goals to make the building process efficient and enjoyable. 

When working with labor-intensive building materials and techniques, such as straw bales and natural plasters, it is imperative to instill a construction process that is proficient and streamlined.  By doing so, labor costs can be minimized, and budget accuracy can be achieved.  

Providing You


Knowledge is key. The importance of having someone on your side that knows the ins and outs of what you are trying to achieve can not be understated. Let our expertise help guide you through your project.

Often, consultation is an excellent place to begin when you are considering building with straw.  Advice or professional assistance can be provided at any phase of your project, from planning through the plastering stages.  We can coach owner-builders or other building professionals through challenging elements in the design or building process.  Consultation often provides the answers you need for more complicated questions or reassures you that your building plans are feasible.

  •  Floor plan evaluation and suggestions for changes in layout
  • Thorough detail review, including window and door specifics
  • Evaluation from a code perspective
  • Detail report outlying corrections, suggestions, and places for improvement
  • Redesign of plans to better accommodate for straw bale construction
  • Plaster prep procedural outline
  • Training your building crew and/or friends and family
    • Straw bale alterations and stacking
    • Plaster Preparation
    • Plaster mixing and application
  • Direct access and consulting as you build your house
  • Tool training and safety instructions


Interpreting ideas, creating order, simplifying, and transforming them into reality is what we do as your designer. From floor plans to finishing details, we listen to your needs and desires to guide you to success. “Design is thinking made visual.” Saul Bass

During the design phase, we are able to help guide you and turn your ideas into precise architectural plans for a home that meets your needs, desires, and budget.  Our extensive knowledge of the building process allows us, during the design phase, to guide the design towards features that maximize the benefits of straw bale construction and passive solar principles, specifically tailored to your individual site and budget.   Our construction experience also helps our designs to minimize waste and inefficiency in the building process.

  • Sketches
  • Floor Plans
  • 3D Modeling
  • Elevation Rendering

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